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The citation in this latter paragraph Converse Mens Mid UK Outlet (Potthast et al. 2005) piqued my interest, so I hopped onto Google Scholar and found the reference, as well as a few others by the same authors. Turns out they are not journal articles, but rather are extended abstracts from a series of scientific meetings. Interestingly enough, Potthast and colleagues had conducted a study to see if training in the Nike Free shoes might actually lead to strengthening of muscles in the feet and legs when compared to training in a more typical shoe. Here¡¯s their description of the study in ¡°scientist-speak:¡±¡°¡­it can be hypothesized that an especially designed training shoe with a multiple segmented outsole, mimicking barefoot movements and allowing barefoot-like exercises on hard surfaces, could induce different mechanical stimuli on foot and shank muscles. A biopositive adaptation should be advantageous in terms of injury prevention or performance enhancement. The purpose of this study was to identify an eventual training and adaptation effect in morphology and function on foot and lower leg muscles when wearing such a specifically designed training shoe.¡±

Given the above considerations, I have tried a number of different options and have two that I highly recommend.

The post, published on the Kinetic Revolution website, describes why Griffiths thinks tha Discount Converse Mens Slip On Sale t ¡°the term ¡°overpronation¡± is neither accurate, descriptive nor meaningful, and should therefore be erased from modern day usage in both the lay and the medical communities.¡± Griffiths covers a lot of ground in his article, pointing out such interesting tidbits as the fact that with regard to pronation:

One of the first things I noticed when I began my own journey into minimalist running about two years ago was that my feet felt different. My first minimalist shoe was the Nike Free 3.0, and I can distinctly remember how I felt that the shoes were working my legs differently, and I had a sensation of ¡°fullness¡± in my feet that I had never felt before (I can¡¯t think of proper words to describe the feeling¡­). I knew something was happening, but I really wasn¡¯t sure what it was. Jump ahead two years and I¡¯m now quite certain that my feet have changed shape. I have no ¡°before¡± pictures that I can compare to, but I find that shoes that used to fit me comfortably are now constricting and narrow, and if I had measurements, I¡¯d guess that my forefoot is now wider than it used to be. No proof, but I believe this to be the case. I also feel like my big toe has migrated a bit medially, as if it were trying to create some additional space between itself and its smaller brethren.

5. Many running injuries are associated with some kind of change in a runner¡¯s training. Could be a change in shoes, running surface (e.g., running on the treadmill all winter then resuming the same mileage on the roads when it warms up, mileage, volume of speedwork, etc).

In the study, the authors recruited 18 female subjects and had them run in a traditionally cushioned shoe as well as a modified version of the same shoe (see photo below). In the modified shoe Converse Womens Cheap UK , the sole was cut and a stiffened, 2.2 cm thick rocker element was added. This rocker moved the position of the sole rolling point (I¡¯d call this the beginning of the toe spring) back a bit toward the midfoot (53% of shoe length vs. 65% in the normal shoe ¨C see arrows in the photo below). A weakness of this study is that the addition of the rocker element made the rocker shoes much heavier than the unmodified shoes (over 150g heavier per shoe on average). The sole stack heigh Cheap Converse Womens High UK t was also considerably thicker in the rocker shoe (2.2 cm).

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