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Some foods are better for your brain than others – we have good evidence to support this claim, from a variety of research fields.

The big secret eating for your brain is understanding the chemicals that come from the foods you eat. These different chemicals can keep you motivated, help you concentrate, improve memory, help you deal with stress, and slow down the ageing process (and fight an incredible amount of mental illnesses).

So, here are some of the top foods for brain function. See how creative you can get.

These are the top four chemicals your brain loves:

Glucose: Yes, it is otherwise known as sugar, and we all hear all the time that sugar is bad for you. Let me explain. Most of the brain’s energy comes from glucose, so you definitely need it. The problem is your brain needs a slow and constant stream of it, and gets rather upset by a sudden increase and then none at all. Dealing with this problem? Have more and smaller meals really helps with concentration.

Fatty Acids: Yes, your brain actually needs fat! Mmmm, though before you reach for those potato chips – it’s not that type of fat. The big winner is omega-3, which you can obtain easily through fish. Particularly the fatty kinds like salmon and tuna (ahah! I’ve heard about tuna!). However, you can also get omega-3 goodness from walnuts, pumpkin and flax seeds nike air max 90 cz , so you are not totally limited if you can’t have seafood. How much are we talking? Well, one serving a day is a great aim.

Amino Acids: These come from protein-rich foods and are essential for mental alertness. They affect your neurotransmitters and so can improve a range of different mental aspects, including memory, your immune system and even your sleep. So where do these good thing come from? Amino acids come as the body breaks down protein, so fish, meat, eggs, cheese and yogurt are all good. The suggestion is to get one of these into each and every one of your meals. Are you up to the challenge?

Antioxidants: These help to regulate the oxidative stress that negatively affects brain cells. Want some of these goodies? Well good old tea is great, as well as veggies or berries. Your parents were right, you should eat your greens because they’re good for you.

Finally, I know it’s not a food, but water mustn’t be forgotten. Get more water into you, as even mild dehydration has consequences for your mental performance. Make sure you are having a few glasses a day of the pure stuff, along with all your other drinks.

Sadly, eating well won’t make you super smart overnight. In most modern lives, change needs to be made just to get your brain functioning as it should. There are some short-term gains, but you should be focused on creating better brain function for the long term. And seriously, it will be worth it.

Avoiding the After Lunch Slump

1. Avoid eating too much. That ‘stuffed’ feeling is a bad sign. It means that more blood is going to be diverted to your digestive system to deal with the overload, and that you are going to feel sleepy and weak as a result.

2. Get some vitamins! Veggies at lunchtime are excellent nike air max 90 levně , for many reasons.

3. Are you getting enough iron? One of the causes of fatigue, in women in particular, is lack of iron. Use your lunchtime as a chance to make sure you get enough. Chuck some spinach into your salad, or make it a Thai beef salad.

4. Think about your sleep. If you are feeling sleepy mid-afternoon, it is often a good indication that you aren’t get enough quality sleep at night. Spending an extra hour at night to prepare for a great sleep is better than three hours wasted due to tiredness in the afternoon.

5. An after-lunch meditation is great, but after the allocated 20 minutes, you need to kick your body back into gear, so try going for a walk to get the blood flowing again to the rest of your body. Also, getting out into the sunlight will let your body know it should be awake.

This is an excerpt from Buffy Greentree’s book ‘The Five Day Writer’s Retreat’, available now on Amazon. Five_day_Writer_Retreat

Buxom Lingerie Tips: How to Say So long to Pantyhose Forever Buxom Lingerie Tips: How to Say So long to Pantyhose Forever June 22, 2012 | Author: debose98 | Posted in Self Improvement

If you’ve ever damaged outdated socks and garters, you understand what are the reasons our mothers mindset pantyhose were that sizable good.

But you’re a bonus measurement, current woman on the go, having voluminous hips and little time for nylon material or the roughness the program causes. That doesn’t mean big girls such as you can’t put on endearing clothes or skirts. It simply signifies thorough sustained we want to locate a way to dwell without pantyhose. Listed here are 3- 5- or 7 suggestions to help you do that.

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Re: nike air max 90 levně

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