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Cardinals Hope To Keep Furcal - RealGM Wiretap Cardinals general manager John Mozeliak confirmed strong interest in retaining pending free agent shortstop Rafael Furcal. Mozeliak indicated Sunday he plans to "explore" a pre-emptive move within the next month. "When you look at our club since he came to our team nike air force 1 herre , he's just really changed the look of it," Mozeliak said. "To try to find a way to get him back makes sense. But we have a lot of balls in the air. To try to balance it out financially and make it work is a challenge. But based on how he's played, and the type person he is and the energy's he brought to the club, there are a lot of positives." Mozeliak said he has not opened negotiations with Furcal's agent, Paul Kinzer, and abstained from saying when he might move on the matter. White Sox Targeting Lefty Hitters Receiving Calls On Pitchers - RealGM Wiretap
The Chicago White Sox would like to add a left-handed hitter to their lineup, according to Rick Hahn.

Chicago's lineup is largely right-handed at this point.

The White Sox will have little trouble finding a trade partner if they make some of their pitching available.

"I think [our pitching depth] gives us a nice head start on this transition," Hahn said. "At the same time, because of that, our pitchers have been fairly popular, at least with other clubs, maybe trying to start some conversations about addressing some of our position player needs."

What is, How to & Tips | Summer Olympics: The Sports We Wait For There are many of us who will be watching the summer olympics. There is no doubt about that. However, there are some of us who will be watching different things. There are a number of sports that are quite popular during this time. What are some of those? Lets take a look at them. You might find some that you find to be quite awesome as well.

Hockey is a sport that we all love watching even if its not in the olympics. However, there is nothing better than sporting our pride in our nation as they blow away other countries. There are some heated moments when we start talking about the summer olympics and things. That is just one reason why no one wants to go about and miss out on.

When you think summer nike air force 1 sort herre , you might also think water. So, it wouldnt be too shocking to know that another popular sport that many look forward to would be swimming. Girls think the guys look pretty hot and the speed at which they swim is absolutely amazing. This would be another sport to watch during the olympics.

Yet, there are still many more. There are some that have a thing for guns. If you have ever shot a gun, you would know how hard it is at times. That is why there are many watch this and consider it a sport. They watch to see how on target people can get. This, you can find during the summer as well. So, what are some more that many look forward to?

If you are a horse lover, then there is something you might want to watch. There are many who like to see horses in action. The discipline it takes to teach a horse to follow your commands and so forth is just amazing. So, its no wonder that those who have a thing for horses like to watch equestrian during the summer olympics.

Americans love their baseball. There are many of us who watch our favorite teams on the television or listen to an announcer on the radio to see how our favorite teams are doing. So, everyone loves tuning in to root, root, root for the home team or rather the USA in this case. That is yet another popular summer sport during this time.

Last of all, when it comes to sports to be played during the summer olympics, that would be sailing and rowing. You cant do this during the winter as the water is frozen solid. So, many gather for the summer part to watch these two sports. Its a grand time to see how fast some of them move once the boat hits the water.

These are just some of the fun sports that people like to see. There are still more than these, but we have found when we polled some people nike air force 1 hvid herre , this is what they really tune in for. Its rather thrilling to see all the different countries come together. Now, you can choose to watch these sports or you can choose to watch something else.

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Keywords: sports, olympics, 2012 olympics, 2012 summer olympics tickets, rugby tickets, travel Melky Cabrera Wont Be Barred From Winning NL Batting Title - RealGM Wiretap

Melky Cabrera is serving a 50-game suspension for violating baseball's drug policy, but could still win the National League batting title.

Major League Baseball is unlikely to interfere if Cabrera finishes the season with the highest average in the league.

He began Wednesday with a league-leading .346 average, seven points ahead of Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen.

Cabrera has 501 plate appearances, one fewer than the required amount if the Giants play 162 games. However, he would win the batting title if an extra hitless at-bat is added to his average and it remains higher than that of any other qualifying player.

"We'll see how it all plays out," Bud Selig said. "We generally don't interfere in that process. We'll take a look at it at the end of the year."


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