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The tried and true beauty of roses makes them a perennial favorite for people all of ages and cultures. From ancient civilizations right through until current times Allen Barbre Jersey , the rose has been a symbol of grace and delicate beauty. The diverse history of roses shows how these blooms have always made a lasting effect on those around them.

The remains of rose fossils indicate that they were used as far back as 35 million years ago, likely for their medicinal purposes. Both the petals of a rose and rose hips are known to have healing properties. Fossilized roses have been discovered in Europe, Asia and North America.

In the world of Ancient Asia, records show the Emperor of China’s habit of growing and cultivating roses as far back as 500 BC. The powerful rulers of this culture adored and desired to be surrounded by the beautiful bloom.

The symbolism of the rose emerged in ancient Greece Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys , where they used the flower to mark the location of secret meetings. Hence the term sub rosa, or “under the rose.” Rhodes, a Greek island is also named for the flowers.

It was in Roman civilization that the flowers became something to indulge in and fawn after. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen who seduced both Caesar and Marc Anthony Zach Ertz Jersey , was known to carpet her barges and floors with rose petals. Emperors of later Roman years ordered heaps of petals strewn across dining rooms and couches. The scent and softness were much sought after by high society.

Although it is immersed in Christian culture now, the rose likely wasn’t tied to the new religion until later. Early believers would have associated the flower with pagan indulgences and worship. The rose was the popular symbol of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Could this be why we still use it as a sign of romance and adoration?

The European and British cultures of the middle ages were soaked with the history of roses through literature, architecture and in folklore. Martyrs were symbolized by the red rose and coats of arms and heraldry were ripe with the image. In fifteenth century Britain Wilbert Montgomery Jersey , the infamous Wars of the Roses forever entrenched the red rose of the Lancasters and the white of the Yorks into their history. When the Tudors took power, they shrewdly incorporated both colors of blooms into their coat of arms.

Legend says that a Christian monk made rose garlands as a form of worship. Once he began reciting prayers along the garlands, he had a vision of rosaries and such the religious devotion began.

Stunning rose windows can be found on European palaces and churches. Designed to reflect the attractive form of the flower, the architecture is just as lovely today.

Empress Josephine Wes Hopkins Jersey , wife of Napoleon of France, built an impressive rose garden at Malmaison. Rumors claim that the garden had every known rose cultivar of the day, as much as 250 different types of the bloom.

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