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The Benefits Of Having Vending Machines In Schools The Benefits Of Having Vending Machines In Schools June 3 Marcus Martin Browns Jersey , 2012 | Author: Sarah Reed | Posted in Education
Even though the benefits of a vending machine have been widely recognized, all across the globe, there are many people, who still do not support the use of these machines inside schools. Many school officials, nutritionists and even parents consider vending machines to be extremely damaging for children as they mostly sell unhealthy drink and food items. However, on the other hand they cannot completely deny the important role that these machines play in generating revenues for schools, especially during difficult economic times. Hence JC Tretter Browns Jersey , nowadays, more and more schools, all over the country, are installing these automated retail machines and replacing unhealthful drink and food items with nutritious offerings.

As stated by the National Conference of State Legislatures, a number of states have launched and endorsed new laws to substitute existing drinks and food of least nutritional value, like candy bars and soda, with healthier alternatives like fruit juice or water. The newly introduced regulation also place restriction on the students’ access to vending machines. So Kenny Britt Browns Jersey , after the enforcement of the fresh law, people seem to have fewer objections towards the use of a vending machine inside school premises.

Since January 2004, the only American state that completely bans the use of vending machines in primary schools is Arkansas. Many cities as well as local district schools have endorsed policies so as to replace or forbid certain beverages and foods being sold by these machines. A number of American states, for instance Tennessee, necessitate the education state board to work along with regional health departments as well as other agencies, in order to make sure that all items sold through a vending machine, adhere to the common nutritional standards.

PTA as well as school principals strongly supported the use of vending machines in schools Kevin Zeitler Browns Jersey , specifically during times when the flow of funds from federal and state governments was drastically cut down. In a lot of schools, the revenue generated from these automated retail machines offered much needed funds for classroom enhancement, athletic programs, after-school programs and for more installation of computers within classes.

Other people, who widely support the use of vending machines in schools, think that students, especially in high school Xavier Cooper Browns Jersey , must be allowed to decide the type of beverages and food items they wish to have. However, though the vending machine supporters are aware of the fact that the type of foods sold through these machines are of least nutritional value, they still think such food options are not as harmful as alcohol and tobacco.

A number of schools are replacing traditional food items offered by vending machines with healthy foods and drinks like nuts, fruit juice, milk shake, cheese and crackers. Stonyfield Farm, in Rhode Island Duke Johnson Browns Jersey , is promoting a low-fat, organic pilot venture, in which several schools will offer only organic yogurt, milk, string cheese and other nourishing food alternatives like carrots with dip or dried fruit.

Vending machines in schools have been found to offer a much required source of income, in spite of the minor health risks. Nevertheless, schools are now offering healthier food options in these machines Nate Orchard Browns Jersey , so as to maintain a satisfactory balance between health concerns and revenue needs.

Learn more about vending machines. Stop by our site where you can find out all about vending machines and what it can do for you.

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