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In the cheap mens nike air max 90 blacklist, the serious pollution of the most dangerous ride to work downtown. The second is an excess of force, the third is always to drink. Other risk components include: negative emotions, frustration, eating too full, emotional outbursts, sex and cocaine. These kinds of little things in living, do not panic wouldn't seem dangerous, but may pull the heart attack from the "trigger. " This issue we have invited former Beijing Aerobic Prevention Office of Mentor Yao Chonghua, analysis of the "sad list. "

Belgium Hasselt University nike air max outlet researchers found that, in spite of driving, cycling or walking to figure, as long as your car-intensive sections, will enhance the risk of heart strike, mainly due to air pollution. Cycling to work which were at greatest risk, general health inhaled the exhaust upwards, "contaminated" the most severe, they also have to invest a certain physical stampede street bike, easily lead to lack of blood supply. Both are necessary reasons for induced soul attack. In addition, Yao Chonghua investigation, traffic congestion is a breeze to stress, anxiety, cause high blood pressure.

Solution nike air sale uk of dry stool, go bottled water these quick movements, people suddenly from a static force, moment involving rapid increase in blood pressure, heart pressure may also surge. In addition, unpredictable blood pressure, vascular plaque activity will increase, easily. Although cycling is a good exercise, but walking within the polluted streets, more damages than good. The seniors, especially elderly people together with chronic bronchitis, the best to prevent rush hour traffic could travel.

Many studies have nike air max 90 cheap uk confirmed that at property and abroad, the right level of alcohol and coffee can produce antioxidants to protect the heart. But extreme drinking more harm as compared with good. Because alcohol and coffee to generate rapid heart rate, maintain pressure, pull the cause a heart attack. If long-term alcoholics who will destroy the heart, as time passes lead to heart malfunction. Thus, whether drinking java or alcohol, should employ a section in there. Normal adult men to drink beer each day should not exceed 750 ml, transmuted into wine, low state of mind, high spirits of THREE HUNDRED ml, 75 ml and also 50 ml; adult women to drink beer every day should not exceed FOUR HINDRED AND FIFTY ml, converted into wine, low liquor was ONE HUNDRED FIFTY ml, 50 ml. The heart of weak people and coffee drinking as few as possible in order to not cause heart uncomfortable suitable. In addition, alcoholics quit alcohol if their cardiovascular system function usually has significantly improved.

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