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Despite tagging Lamarcus Joyner, Rams want Sammy Watkins

That's street performer and comedian Charlie Barnett, and in 1980 Eddie Murphy took Barnett's slot on Saturday Night Live. Not because he was funnier or better at short shorts wearing, but because Barnett was a little illiterate. Put a pin in that, because we're coming back to it.

Through the 70s, 80s and 90s, Barnett was a guy who could win over any crowd with his raunchy, racially inappropriate jokes. And also AIDS jokes. And he won them, whole Washington Square fountains full of them, without a microphone, stage or . Don't even watch this if you're sensitive to the N word, blatant racial stereotypes or tight red sweat pants:

So when the movies didn't do well and TV auditions stopped rolling in, Barnett just kept killing it at the park. Day after day, year after year. Performing for random passersby.

Who were jerseys from china mortally afraid he might point at them next.

His reputation and footage alone were enough to get a spot on this list, but consider this: We wouldn't have the Dave Chappelle we know and love today if it weren't for Charlie Barnett. Because while Chappelle was developing his act, getting booed at the Apollo and just figuring out how to make audiences love him, Barnett was his mentor. He even let Chappelle , like some kind of standup godfather. By the time Barnett died of AIDS in 1996, Chappelle's career was on its way.

6 Real Scandals Crazier Than Anything On Of Cards END RELATED MODULE  >

Despite looking like a Rasputin/Nordic Santa mashup, by the mid 1950s Moondog's biggest fan was a conductor at Carnegie Hall, and Walter Winchell was writing him up in his world famous column. This street musician was so well known that early rock deejay Alan Freed swiped his name and song for his own show, "The Moondog Rock and Roll Matinee," presumably because he assumed blind people are incapable of listening to the radio. Moondog won a NY State Supreme Court case against the guy with the help of major musicians like Benny Goodman, who testified that Moondog was a serious composer and musician.

Moondog reached such a surreal level of fame that he even made a record of children's cheap jerseys china songs with, we shit you not, Julie Andrews.

We assume his viking soul stained the cover blood red.

A. Stop for a few minutes and appreciate a glimpse of sublime art on an otherwise ordinary day;

B. Toss the guy a bone and throw some pennies in the case;

C. Pretend like he's not there.

If you're one of the 1,097 people who had a chance to hear world famous violinist Joshua Bell on January 12, 2007, you most likely picked C. As in, you kept walking without giving the cheap nfl jerseys guy a second glance. After 43 minutes of playing, Bell made $32 bucks.

That might sound like a nice chunk for less than an hour's work to most of us, but Joshua Bell is no ordinary homeless guy trying to turn his music skills into crack money. That violin he was playing? A 300 year old Stradivarius worth $3.5 million. Under other circumstances, people pay $100 a seat to hear Bell play   he's played with just about every major orchestra in the world.

The whole thing was an experiment set up by Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten. The question was simple: What would happen if a world famous violinist performed incognito in rush hour traffic? The music director of the National Symphony Orchestra thought a crowd would gather and that a virtuoso would earn $150, easy. Bell himself didn't admit any expectations, except that he was surprised when nothing even remotely resembling a hint of a crowd gathered during the performance. At all. Some willfully ignored him, like he was the Cootie Man there to hand out free cooties to all who looked his way. Others loudly talked over him on their cells as they passed him, like they were jackass jerkfaces. Very few bothered to stop. Most interesting of all? Some pedestrians didn't even notice he was there.

And we know this because about 40 commuters were stopped as they left the station and asked if they'd mind participating in a survey later in the day. The first thing they were asked was if they'd noticed anything unusual about their commute that morning. Of the 40 people questioned, only one guy, a postal worker named John Picarello, mentioned the violinist. Correction: He didn't just mention him, he gushed about him. Out of a subway station full of people, only one guy had the insight to be impressed by one of the world's greatest violinists, playing for free.

Like most Canadians, Guy Laliberte loves two things in life: the accordion and the streets. So it was no wonder that, like most Canadians, Laliberte followed high school with the traditional post academic ritual known as "play your accordion for spare change" on the streets of Quebec. Whether he was awesome at it or sucked, we'll never know.

At any rate, Laliberte left Canada for Europe, where he picked up two more skills and added them to his repertoire: fire eating and stilt walking (presumably because he was determined to make his rise to fame and fortune as fucking hard for himself as possible). Yet mastering the two most Godzilla esque skills he could imagine turned out to be a great move, because when he got back to Canada, he had the chops to put together his own troupe. That troupe was so fucking good that in 1983 they earned a $1.5 million grant from the Canadian government to organize an event for the 450th anniversary of Jacques Cartier discovering the place.

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Re: Despite tagging Lamarcus Joyner, Rams want Sammy Watkins

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