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boundary for biogeochemical-ecological modeling


I am runing npzd. In my study area,alkalinity,NH4,LdetritusN,SDeN,LdetritusC,TIC data is absent. I can not find any other reanalysis data or simulation data from internet. So,I used a constent value for all grids and used as my boundary condition. the same value for all time series (12 months). the value was picked up from a literature. the model can not run sucessuflly. should I set the boundary condition changes with time?I used climate data (monthly mean value)for NO3, O2, and so on (COADS 05 and WOA2009). I used modis chlorophyll monthly mean value in 2016 as the initial data and forcing condition. phytoplankton was set by chlorophyll.Now, the model blow up.I was wondering if the forcing condition (U,V, pair, tair) are not match with NH4 (constants for all grids)? should they match with the changes of the chlorophyll and phytoplankton? what should i do when the model blow up? should i try to track the fortran code and find which step is something wrong?

Please help.

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Re: boundary for biogeochemical-ecological modeling

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Re: boundary for biogeochemical-ecological modeling

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