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While language is there to help us communicate Manny Machado Authentic Jersey , it can also sometimes have the side effect of separating "us" from "them". Some groups intentionally develop slang to repel outsiders. Most technical subjects have their own terminology, especially hard sciences with their wealth of "big words." But the same kind of thing turns up in the arts and even sport: Only another golfer will really understand what you mean when you ruefully tell him or her that you were "hitting fat" today.

The world of the internet has created its own strange wrinkle on this phenomenon. Numerous acronyms and related shorthand expressions have been developed for efficiency or as a way to form online cliques. This can be annoying when you want to participate in, for example, an online chat. Therein you will discover a wealth of that most favoured linguistic device of the armed services: the acronym. Thus, rather than typing "fouled up beyond all recognition" Adam Jones Authentic Jersey , you could just use the expression "FUBAR". In fact, this particular acronym became very popular early on with computer programmers, who often used it to refer to a piece of computer code that had gotten so convoluted and buggy that it was deemed unfixable.

While computer geeks, dorks, nerds Jonathan Schoop Authentic Jersey , and their ilk love their acronyms, the internet is now populated by users of all types. To get by in the silicon universe, they'll need to know a few simple phrases. For instance, one can type LOL to let others know that one is "laughing out loud", which basically just means one is amused. If the amusement deepens Cal Ripken Authentic Jersey , type out LMAO to clarify that now you are "laughing my ass off". In the most extreme case, ROFL states unequivocally that you are now "rolling on the floor laughing". As you can see, the internet can be a very funny place.?

If you are confused or taken aback by something someone says, type WTF, which translates to "What the f***?" On the other hand if you are amazed Brooks Robinson Authentic Jersey , you should go with OMG to convey "Oh my God!"

One thing you will notice is that a large number of the expressions employed are used for the purpose of conveying emotion. This is necessary because others can't tell whether you are being serious online when you use sarcasm, for example, which can lead to misunderstandings. A variant of acronyms used to handle this problem are emoticons. Originally, these were character sequences like smile for a happy face, sad for a sad face Darren O'Day Jersey , or wink for a winking face to indicate tongue-in-cheek. On many systems, you can now insert little face icons to get many different emotions across.

Regulator bans sale of beverages that often came in fake blood bags and were advertised as containing juice and alcohol

BEIJING (Caixin Online) — The food safety watchdog has banned the sale “vampire drinks” that were cashing in on certain Hollywood movies’ popularity with China’s young people, in part because their labeling fell short of standards.

The drinks, inspired by Hollywood films like The Vampire Diaries and Twilight, are often sold in mock blood bags and with fake blood type labels such as AB or O.

Many of the drinks that were being sold on the e-commerce website Taobao were advertised as containing juice and alcohol and cost from 20 to 30 yuan. The drinks Zach Britton Jersey , with names like Vampire Diaries Drink and Imitation Blood Plasma, were also being sold in convenience stores.

The China Food and Drug Administration said on July 15 that an investigation found that many of the beverages failed to meet food product requirements for labeling and the listing of production license numbers and manufacturing dates, causing concern over their quality and safety.

Most of the drinks were labeled only in English, which also violates product labeling rules.

“The use of unqualified products as a marketing tactic to cater to thrill-seekers runs counter to basic principles of sincerity and ethics in society, violates national laws and regulations Mark Trumbo Jersey , misleads consumers and – most importantly – hurts teens’ mental and physical health,” the food safety watchdog said.

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Caixin is a Beijing-based media group dedicated to providing high-quality and authoritative financial and business news and information through periodicals, online and TVvideo programs.
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It ordered e-commerce vendors and physical stores to stop selling the beverages, and prohibited them from future sales. It also said it would severely punish those found violating its rules.

Many of the “bloody” beverages were no longer being sold on Taobao on July 15, but some were still available on July 16.

A legend is a narrative of human actions that are perceived both by teller and listeners to take place within human history and to possess certain qualities that give the tale the appearance of truth or reality. From this definition Namibia can truly be called the "Land of the Legends". Below Joey Rickard Jersey , we would like to share some of our favourite legends about the land that we like to call home!

It is not known how long the Namib Desert Feral Horses have lived on an area covering approximately 350 square kilometers in the Namib Desert, but locals speculate they have been there since 'German times'. As there are no written records about their provenance their origins remain unclear, but there are, of course, quite a few theories.

One relates to the German occupation of South West Africa a large number of horses were needed for the cavalry and an eccentric German nobleman Chris Davis Jersey , Baron Hans-Heinrich von Wolf, set up a horse breeding station at his outlandish castle, Duwisib, on the edge of the desert. The Baron went off to the First World War in Europe leaving his young bride behind. After hearing of his death it is said that she could no longer face living in Namibia without her true love and so released the horses before setting off back home to America.

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