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Since the crow's flesh was

Since the crow's flesh was cheated by the fox, it has spread in the big forest, and even some animals have added fuel to make things bigger.re no small animals to talk about here. The little squirrel jumped and said: "The fox is not a good person at all." Elephant Babe said: "Yes, the last time the fox was killed by him, deceived the small animals and said the grapes. It��s also sour, he cheated the crow��s meat this time. Didn��t he know that the crow was the most filial Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, the crow and the old man and the child to raise it! He is not a good person, we don��t want to be with his son. Let's play with the beans."then, the little animals have not played with Peas, and they have ignored him. One day, the little monkey fell to the ground, the peas stepped forward, and the little monkey pushed open the peas and said, "The son of the bad guy, stay away from me." 'And then I stood up and patted the soil off. Peas sitting alone on the grass, anxious tears in the eyes, the peas thought "'I am not bad, I also want to have friends, I mhen, Peas have done good things for the residents of the forest every day. This day, the map of the woodpecker aunt painted the shovel for the younger brother of the Mole. Gradually, the position of the peas changed in the hearts of the animals.We only have one earth. The survival of the earth depends on us! Everything we do is given by the earth Marlboro Lights. If there is no earth, there will be no human beings. As the saying goes: "Be kind to the earth is to be kind to yourself." Why do people treat themselves badly? The earth is our home Marlboro Cigarettes Price. We must protect the earth well.ome to the road, you can clearly see a lot of rubbish. The Geelong River, formerly a very clear lake, is now a garbage river with a big change. Even if you stand in the distance. Can also smell a pungent smell.rotector of the earth. The cleaners wiped the ground for us and swept away the pollution. Make the earth more beautiful.aw a child throwing things into the river, and a grandfather saw it. The old grandfather said this to the child: "Children Carton Of Marlboro Reds, how do you throw things at your own home? Don't you love your home?" The child said: "This is not my home, my family is over there." The child took the grandfather with Arrived at his home. The old grandfather looked at the child kindly and said: "Child, is this your home? This is not your home." "This is my home, otherwise I will come in!" The child said with anger, "The old grandfather said: "You will be Do you throw garbage at your own home?" The child replied with certainty: "Of course not Marlboro Cigarettes. I am a child." Grandpa asked: "How do you throw garbage in the river?" The child said: "The river is just a river. Everyone throws it there, why can't I." Grandfather smiled and said: "Child, your home is given by the earth, and the earth is our second home. If everyone throws garbage like you, The earth will turn into a garbage ball, so that humans will not exist. Do you want the earth and humandfather was a cleaner when he was young. So how can he care for the earth! This text tells us that protecting the planet is as hard as protecting the family. Remember that "there is only one home, the earth can't be cloned." Please cherish resources and protect the earth. Our home needs our protection!

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