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There are many first times in life

There are many first times in life, the first trip, the first train ride, the first price cut, the first cooking... the first time is precious.e first time I watched a movie was with my sister at Jin Guanghua's Nanguo Cinema.st entering the hall, I saw the long queue of "Dragons". My sister bought two tickets for the movie. I walked happily to the auditorium. When I stepped into the auditorium, I was shocked! In the eye is a row of neat and clean stepped seats Marlboro Red. I stepped into the ladder with lanterns, it was beautiful! so beautiful. My sister and I found our seat. I sat down curiously. It was very comfortable. There was a special drink facility next to the seat. There were two projectors behind the auditorium. The screening of their exchanges. At that time, the lights in the auditorium were extinguished. In front of my eyes was a huge screen. I used to listen to my father. They had to mention a small stool at the time, watching the movie, behind the film, and only a few screens. The square is so big, but today, it is dozens of times larger than before. This shows how fast the development of the motherland's science and technology is! I can't help but be proud of the prosperity and prosperity of my country! Just as I was enchanted by this fantastic auditorium Marlboro Red 100S, I was slowed down by a loud noise. It turned out that the movie started. My sister and I watched the movie while eating sweet popcorn.The characters in the movie, which impressed me the most, were daughter Xiaoyi, friend cover and father melon. Xiaoyi has great curiosity. She doesn't like to live in a dark lacquered cave. She likes to chase the sun and dare to explore the world outside the cave How Much Is A Carton Of Newports. Gai has a clever mind, no matter what difficulties he encounters, he can be at risk and come up with a good solution. But my favorite character is Gua Ge. He put his family on his shoulders and everything is for everyone. In order to protect the family, he even sacrifices his life.this movie, Gua Ge gave the trophy back from the hunt to his family Marlboro Lights, and finally he turned his own. Although he only had a little bit of it, he still comforted his family and said that he was not hungry. In the face of danger, Gua Ge can always come forward, let everyone go back to the cave, stop at the end, or simply use themselves as a shield to protect their families in their arms. The most touching is the end of the movie. When the earthquake struck, Gua Ge ignored his own safety and threw his family on the other side of the security. He fell into the deep valley with the earthquake. These melancholy acts of me, all of them deeply touched me.er watching this movie, I deeply felt that it is not enough for a person to have a dream. It is also necessary for us to work hard and act toward our dreams. Like Xiaoyi, have the courage to explore and try new things; to be like a cover, to be willing to think of ways to solve difficulties; to be like a brother, to be brave, to be a real person Marlboro Menthol 100S, to do anything Can stand up and think for others. In this case, the dream can be realized.

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