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Finding the right travel agent can be as hard as finding the right doctor. You want someone you can trust to get you the best deal. Someone you who is knowledgeable about the area you are wanting to visit and has the resources to provide you with all the information you need. Travel agents book about 75% of all air travel Rush Jamal Adams Jersey , 30% of all hotel reservations, and 95% of all cruises. Even with all the information online most people still prefer to avoid all the hassle and use travel agents.

The first step to finding a good travel agent is to check their credentials. Check to make sure they are a certified travel counselor. To be a certified travel counselor a travel agent with at least five years experience must complete a two year graduate level program offered by the Institute of Certified Travel Agents. For the travel agency itself you have to look for membership in one of two associations. The American Society of Travel Agents and The Association of Retail Travel Agents are the two travel agency associations.

One of the easiest ways to find a travel agent is by word of mouth. Ask your friends and family who they use. Try to pick friends and family who have similar interests as you  Rush Sam Darnold Jersey , that way you can find a travel agent who will understand your needs. Most people use a certain agent and not a certain agency. Not all agents in a travel agency are the same. One might specialize in cruises while another specializes in low cost travel plans. Make sure you get the name of a specific agent when talking to your friends and family.

A good travel agent will keep a portfolio of all your travel needs and preferences. Things like frequent flyer miles, credit card details Women's Lorenzo Mauldin Jersey , hotel or airline favorites, and any other personal requirements should be kept by the travel agent in a specific folder. This saves you time when you go in to book a trip Women's Trenton Cannon Jersey , by having everything already filed out you won't have to do it each time.

A good travel agent will also find out your preferences, like places you enjoy visiting. This way if they come across an unpublished bargain for a place that is of interest to you they can contact you with the information. A good travel agent is always looking for the best deal for their client. This includes informing you if changing the dates of your vacation or changing your itinerary can lower the price for you.

Finding a good travel agent can be frustrating and time consuming. When you find a good travel agent you should use them for all your travel needs and refer them to any one who is looking for a travel agent.

Another place to look is online. Search for one near you. Don't always go with the cheapest. Ask them their credentials upfront. If they try to avoid the question Women's Chris Herndon Jersey , move on. Do they provide phone contact information on their website and give office hours? This is a good way to tell if it's an agent you may want to deal with.
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Guy Ray is a published web author on various subjects as well as a certified copywriter and webmaster. To learn more about travel, where to go and what to see visit his website attravel tips.

Article Source:

  by Xinhua writers Liu Wei and Dai Ying

  BEIJING, April 9 (Xinhua) -- Liu Mei practices taichi religiously for one and a half hours every morning.

  At the age of 59, she aims to keep fit into her old age as her 27-year-old autistic son has no one else to care for him.

  Her son, Xiao Wei likes listening to old songs. He makes some sounds and beats time to the music with his hands when he gets excited. But he can't speak - not a word - and he has received no formal schooling.

  Like millions of autistic people in China, Xiao Wei suffered a neuro-developmental disorder, depriving him of communication and social skills.

  With their social difficulties and repetitive behavior, autistic people are often alienated. Liu has had a difficult life since her son was diagnosed at the age of three in 1993.

  She searched in vain for a treatment in the early years, trying anything suggested by friends or in newspapers. She prayed to Buddha, consulted a Qigong master and sent her son to various therapy camps.

  "Later I realized there's no cure for this disability, but no parent would pass up a chance to improve the life of a child," says Liu.

  Autism was only recognized as a mental disability in China in 2006. In the 1990s, research and resources were limited. Pioneering researchers at the Peking University Sixth Hospital (PKUSH) concluded that the earlier the intervention and therapy, the better the result.

  Liu sent Xiao Wei to sensory integration training at PKUSH, usually a treatment for children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder, to build concentration and strength.

  A two-hour session involving patting balls thousands of times made Xiao Wei cry for 10 days. Liu enticed him back to the therapy with his favorite lollipop.

  "You need wisdom and patience with an autistic child," says Liu.

  Her efforts paid off. A year later, Xiao Wei touched her mother's face with his hands: "He finally figured out I was his mom...."

  Other autistic children go to school and research has shown that inclusion in education can help them.

  Many parents sacrifice money and time to find their child a place in school. Tianjin mother Luo Yanhua has a 17-year-old autistic son, Li Yifan. She sent him to school and witnessed the misery he endured.

  "You have to repeat a simple mathematical formula a thousand times to help him remember it. When it comes to using this formula for a maths problem, he can't figure it out anyway," says Luo.

  Eventually, these children end up staying home with nowhere to go.

  After many years of struggling with their fate, many parents give up their jobs, and their lives descend into a conf. Wholesale Jerseys From China   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale T-Shirts   Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale Jerseys   Wholesale Hoodie   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Wholesale Soccer Jerseys From China   Cheap NHL Hockey Jerseys

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