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บอลโลกMarcelo Bologo, midfielder, good team midfielder. Milan after the hero of the goal scored the injury time over Sampdoria 1-0, although the asthma is catching but a good sign in the front of the goal is to break the injury time in two consecutive games. For the "Nerazzurri" after midweek, Thierry Vissiano beat in the 92nd minute overtake Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 in the UEFA Champions League and this match. Brooksov plays the hero after the game. Croatian national team believes that despite the past Inter scrapped, but with two-time victory over the injury will become a turning point of the season to the success of the waiting page is the hardest game. more But again, we win in the second half to time out already. "Brooksov impressed through the news agency of macaroni football, Italy, of course, we are all very happy. We need to maintain this momentum to get the results we want. We hope to continue to win, although sometimes it may not look so beautiful. "We pass the ball in the wrong lot in the first half, but we improved in the second half. I think that we have broken two goals for consecutive games, this week will become a turning point of our season that it is. "Every game is all about the same and we win the hearts of the big ones. This is what Inter must do. "

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