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maxbet Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool boss revealed the reason to try to create "Reds" to play football team. I want to keep the fans happy. The game is set to be a sport full of excitement until the last drop. Liverpool manager Gerhard Klopp, the reason for the creation of the "Reds" to a team focused on playing football game fun. provocative I want to reward the disciples, "The Kop" who pay the expensive tickets to watch the club in love with each other in the game, the coaches rave the game has a philosophy of building his team to play and make fun fans. Have fun every time they go down the pitch. By the way, with many managers. People who are focused on the ticker for the game, such as Jose Mourinho, which is hinted that the game is focused on some of the matches look so boring and want to sleep at home.

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