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BERLIN Cheap Charlotte Hornets Jerseys , April 24 (Xinhua) -- Croatian international Ivica Olic signed a contract extension to stay with the "Wolves" until 2016, the Bundesliga club announced on Thursday.

Wolfsburg's veteran Ivica Olic signed a two-year deal that binds him to the club until June 2016. The 34-year-old striker flirted with a transfer to Premier League side Stoke City after Wolfsburg only offered him just a one-year contract with an option. However, the club reconsidered their offer and were able to convince Olic.

"I am very happy that I now have clarity about my future. We want to attack in the Bundesliga and in Europe in the upcoming season. It makes a lot of fun to be part of this team," Olic said.

The striker moved from Bayern Munich to Wolfsburg in 2012 to score 22 goals in 61 appearances. Besides that he is since 2002 part of the Croatian national soccer team where he scored 18 goals in 90 caps.

"I am pleased that Ivica will stay with us. We no longer need to waste words about his qualities," Wolfsburg coach Dieter Hecking said.

The "Wolves" are currently fifth with 53 points Cheap Brooklyn Nets Jerseys , just one point away from a UEFA Champions League playoff spot.

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Increased potential for Injuries?

Another essential issue here is, do these shoes increase the potential for injuries? A site reviewing these sneakers says ... the shoes activate your lower body muscles when you walk creating natural instability which in turn tones your legs

Natural instability? Women are already at greater risk of knee injuries, and adding instability to the foot, which will increase instability to the joints and ligaments of the ankles and knees, will only increase the potential for injury to women. Bad idea...

A slight increase in activity of the muscles of the legs and butt due to the added instability is not worth the potential increased risk of injury.

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