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Then along came the

The Internet is accountable for altering the landscape of numerous traditional processes. In some instances it has created something distinctive that could only exist because of the Internet Cheap Chicago White Sox Jersey , whereas in other instances it has revolutionised a standard process.

An example of something new would be Facebook, that has brought people together in a manner that was never possible to do before; an example of a revolutionised process would be in conducting Hosted Surveys and Questionnaires surveys and questionnaires.

There are very few people who would ever argue against the benefits of a survey when they are used to determine the level of customer or employee satisfaction, gauge public opinion or provide market research.

However, historically the reason that surveys were used sparingly was that the effort required to create the survey in the first place was cumbersome Cheap Chicago Cubs Jersey , and the effort and cost needed to disseminate the questionnaire, gather the results and then analyse the results were rarely insignificant.

For a lot of people, the results, no matter how useful they proved Cheap Boston Red Sox Jersey , were more often than not tinged with a ‘never again’ feeling having experienced the amount of effort that was required.

Then along came the Internet to revolutionise the process.


Though a word processor holds untold advantages over paper and pen for general writing and correspondence, when it comes to something specific like writing and designing a questionnaire it’s to some extent as sensible as using a wet fish.

It can be accomplished, in the same way as a hammer can be used with a screw, it is far from ideal. Word processors are good for documentation Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jersey , correspondence and basic writing; spreadsheets are perfect for coping with numbers and online questionnaire web sites are perfect for creating surveys and questionnaires.
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