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เพิ่งได้ตัว อลีสซง เบ็คเกอร์ จอมหนึบแซม


maxbet Nemanja Matich, the Serb blood midfielder of Manchester United, revealed what Ole Kunnar Solcha said to the team before playing the match, breaking Cardiff on Saturday with a point. The "Red Devils" are the happiest players to play in the style of Norwegian coach Nemanja Matig. A good midfielder, Manchester United, reveals how Olsen Gunnar Solcha, the Norwegian team manager. Spoke the players "Red Devils" to devote every moment. And played a full game in the match against Cardiff City in the English Premier League game on Saturday. Sol Cha was appointed to take the reins "Red Devils" instead of Jose Mourinho, who was dismissed for the design. Lightning early last week And referred to the "Red Army" disciples not to be disappointed when leading the team to play an invasion game in the match, visiting Cardiff with a 5-1 home team score, grab 3 important points to work with The agency for Man's play form United in the match is against the style of the team under the reintroduction of "Hyu Mum" by Matich, revealing one of the key things that makes the team play fiercely like this. Will be with us for only 2 days, but we have the opportunity to talk only 2-3 times "

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