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Juventus attempted to buy Julian Draxler from Schalke, but he instead was sold to Wolfsburg on the last day of the transfer window.

"I said at Villar [on Aug. 17] that there were some difficulties for Draxler," Beppe Marotta told Gazzetta dello Sport, dismissing rumors that he had been in a constant dialogue with Schalke and increased his initial offer, which was reported to have been lower than €15 million.

"Talks with Schalke, who are a mysterious club http://www.footballfalconsstore.com/fal … ck-jersey/ , were difficult. We pulled out because their demands were disproportionate. €36 million is an exaggeration, and then the player didn't want to come either.

"I'm disappointed not for the fact that we didn't get him, but that there was nobody to negotiate with."

In the play of the baseball the correct mechanics of launching is of primary importance. If a jet of the can'T of player with exactitude it makes its team little good outside in the field. The players must constantly try to improve their mechanics of launching. Few players take time necessary to become the really good launchers. The great pride should be taken when a player can uniformly throw to a target.

Key points in launching

The Handle

Many young players seize the ball with their distant too broad of fingers. This affects exactitude reduces the speed of the jet severely. The fingers should be about 14 inch with share (about the width of a yellow pencil #2). The index and the average finger should extend through the broad seams from the ball. This handle is also known as 4-bend the fastball. The trimmings of the index and the average finger rest on the seam of the ball. If you think of the ball like clock, the average index and fingers should put back each side of the clock of 12'O and the inch would rest directly under the ball with the clock of 6'O. There should be daylight between the ball and the palm of the hand of launching. It is the best handle to carry out the backspin right and to avoid tailing ball.

Action Of Arm

The action of arm is reported to the way that the arm of launching travels of the separation of hand at the release-point and follow-with through. The launchers of baseball must concentrate on breaking the hands and making a great fast movement with the arm in order to remain long with the arm going again to a good position of power. The position of power is referred to the position where the player has the arm of launching behind, of level with the shoulder or higher, and folded with the elbow. The index of throw-hand and the fingers average sho.

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