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Team Development Team Development April 13 Seth Jones Blue Jackets Jersey , 2016 | Author: Jay Cutlerino | Posted in Business
Most people think that they are, but the reality is that a significant percentage of doctors could use a bit of help in this area. The skills you mastered in order to become a good doctor don’t necessarily lend themselves naturally to being a good leader, and leadership isn’t taught in traditional college courses, so it is likely that you’ve simply never been given the tools and training you need to turn you into a leader.

Another possibility is to identify potential patients (read: customers) “pain points” and take steps to address their needs as regards to the new dental patient on-boarding process. For example, nobody likes their very first visit to a new dentist’s office. Why? Because new patients have to fill out buckets of paperwork, answer lots of questions, wait for said paperwork to be processed Sergei Bobrovsky Blue Jackets Jersey , and so on. It’s the dreaded “forms in triplicate” syndrome, even if none of your forms are actually in triplicate.

What if there was another, better way though? What if there was a way to flip the script and redefine the new patient experience, changing it from something viewed as a hassle and a headache, into something that made the newly arrived patient feel welcomed? Surely this would be a better approach.

As it turns out, there is such a system, which is outlined in Dr. Michael Schuster’s course called “The New Patient Experience.” This course is taught over an intensive three day period Scott Hartnell Blue Jackets Jersey , and will outline a proven methodology you can take back and immediately apply to your practice which will completely redefine how your patients view the new dental patient on-boarding process.

Another thing many managers struggle with is delegation. There are two primary reasons for this. Some managers micromanage their employees, and obsess over even the tiniest detail. These people tend to redo the work, even if they manage to delegate some task to someone else, which is a spectacular waste of your time. At the other end of the spectrum, some managers try to delegate everything, and simply hand tasks off without forethought or follow up. Both are recipes for dental office management disasters. You need to get comfortable with the fine art of delegation, and you need to do it sooner Sam Gagner Blue Jackets Jersey , rather than later. Part of that is knowing what tasks to delegate (generally time intensive tasks with lower leverage and payout) and how to delegate (issuing clear instructions, proper training before the fact, proper follow up after, etc.). The sooner you master this skill, the sooner you’ll get your office running smoothly and efficiently.

Empowerment: Finally, by definition, a leader has to lead. That means empowering those under him to make decisions Ryan Murray Blue Jackets Jersey , guided and directed by the will of the leader, as described by the core values of your practice. The most common outcome for doctors who don’t empower their employees is that they get backed into the corner of micromanagement. From here, they try (and inevitably fail) to do everything that keeps the office running, in addition to performing procedures. A fully empowered team of employees needs only periodic feedback and clarification from you, along with your trust in them that they’ll do a good job acting on your behalf. An office of disempowered employees is a miserable place to work, and is almost certainly doomed to fail. The two-day team development course covers all of these topics, and more. These are not difficult skills to learn Pierre-Luc Dubois Blue Jackets Jersey , though you can spend a lifetime mastering them. Do an honest assessment of yourself as a leader? If you find that you are lacking in this area, then the Team Building course can dramatically improve the overall performance of your practice. For complete details, see our page here: http:schustercentercoursespeople-system

Before you get into the dental business learn about dental office management from the Schuster Center.

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