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Two of the best gaming device to date are the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. People making their first entry into the gaming world will no doubt find it difficult choosing between the two which it what this article will be looking at addressing: the differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 slim consoles.

It has been sometime now that Xbox 360 is out in market. Among all the rest 7th generation consoles Xbox has remained a tough competitor and is a favorite for hardcore gamers. In case you are interested in buying an Xbox 360 but are constrained by availability of cash then you can consider buying a used one.

In comparison to a brand new Xbox 360 http://www.floridapanthersteamstore.com … syk-jersey , buying used one isn’t too bad. You still get the online service; Xbox Live & the other attractive features. Buying Xbox 360 used games online is the best option to select since it has been over a year that the gaming console is being sold in market, the prices won’t be that high & you will most likely get a good deal.

Much has changed since Microsoft released the Xbox 360 console in 2005 and Sony Corporation Entertainment the PS3 in 2006. With each company trying to out do each other these are some of the main features that highlight the differences between PS3 and Xbox 360.

Motion Controller System: Both consoles boast a quality motion controller system however the Xbox 360 slim console appears to have the edge when compared against the PS3. A motion controller system is a device that allows you to interact with a video game by responding to your body movements. The Kinect (Microsoft’s motion controller system) is much better than PS3’s controller (called PS3 Move) because it is hands free leaving gamers to concentrate on their gameplay. Unlike the Kinect you need to physically hold the Move to interact with your gameplay.

Consoles Hard Drive: Xbox 360 slim consoles are currently available in 4GB and 250GB while the PS3 slim consoles are available in 160GB and 320GB. So what does a difference in hard drive size matters to any gamer? Well, the bigger the hard drive size http://www.floridapanthersteamstore.com … gar-jersey , the more you will be able to store video games and multimedia files. This can help preserve your video game discs from corruption as some of the consoles are known to scratch your DVD’s rendering them useless. The PlayStation is therefore a winner in this case.

Price: In terms of prices, PS3 slim consoles are generally more expensive. The PS3 160GB goes for about ??245 and ??285 for the 320GB versions while you can expect to pay about ??185.00 for a 4GB Xbox 360 slim Kinect Bundle and about ??280 for a 250GB Xbox 360 slim Kinect Bundle (the Kinect when bought separately costs about ??100 or more) but considering the extra features available with the PS3 such as ability to play Blu-Ray movies, upscalling DVD you might be willing to part with some extra cash for the PS3.

Multimedia Capabilities: Both consoles boast great multimedia capabilities as both boxes can stream video http://www.floridapanthersteamstore.com … dle-jersey , music and have an in-built WI-FI. In terms of graphics PS3 has a better experience especially when playing Blu-Ray movies (which by the way is a PS3 exclusive). Xbox appears to cancel that out by given user a better HD gaming experience which gamers will no doubt love. If multimedia capabilities however is one of your deciders, you might want to look the way of the PS3 as it has a bit more to offer than the Xbox 360.

Gaming Experience: Generally Xbox 360 is regarded as the hardcore console for gamers with the PS3 console not far behind. However the PS3 has more free online games available than the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 operates an online gaming service called Xbox Live which is not free (costs about ??35 annually) nevertheless the Xbox Live offers a better online gaming experience than PSN (PlayStation Network).

In conclusion these are some of the main differences between the PS3 and Xbox 360 slim consoles and choosing between the two consoles really depends on your requirements. Xbox is great for those that love to play online with family and friends. The PS3 on the other hand is an all round system that can do a bit of all other console systems.

At the time of searching for Xbox 360 used games find out whether it consists of a premium package or core system bundle. As you must be aware that premium packages are priced comparatively higher than the core systems, with premium package consisting of wireless controllers while the core systems having wired controllers. If you want to select one of them http://www.floridapanthersteamstore.com … eau-jersey , getting the premium package would be more beneficial as it includes 20GB hard drive, be able to save high level games, access Xbox Live and play with older Xbox games.

After you finalize affordable Xbox 360 used games there are some question that you need to ask the seller such as warranty for the console http://www.floridapanthersteamstore.com … ann-jersey , installed software, any repair history and other similar points. By inquiring about these points you will be able to assure that you receive a used Xbox 360 which has all the features despite the fact that you purchased it for less.

Similar to Xbox 360 you can also choose to buy PS3 used games because of the price saving they give you with the used one available for half price of the new ones. You can check with your local pawn shop, look through the flyer http://www.floridapanthersteamstore.com … inn-jersey , newspaper or search online to locate a good deal. Many times it happens that while buying PS3 used games you get a lot many accessories along with it as many people sell the complete system that also includes memory cards, extra controllers, games and more.

The advantage of buying PS3 used games is that you most probably would have bundle package with accessories http://www.floridapanthersteamstore.com … mer-jersey , which would otherwise cost you a lot. So to conclude we can say that in case you have been thinking of purchasing a PS3, remember that PS3 used games can just be better choices than new ones.

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