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maxbet Joe de Guardiola, City of Manchester City boss fired the "blue boat" that did not shoot well. We have to be tired before winning Watford 2-1 point in the lead 2-0, their team has many chances to score goals. Joe Pacquiao, manager of Manchester. City blame the team at the end of the game is not resolute. And they find the situation difficult. Before the break to beat Watford 2-1 to the field of the Road Racing in the English Premier League game on Tuesday, December 4, Manchester City made a comfortable victory. Again after the first two players from Lersely Saane in the 40th minute with Riyadh Maharez in the 51th minute, but then they did not shoot again, there are a lot of opportunities. The local goalkeeper made the door from the blind see the Guatemalan in the 85th minute is good at the end. "Blues" to maintain the score. "We have the opportunity to make the game and the third shot," said former Barcelona and Bayern Munich bosses. It may have been the fourth child, but we missed it. Finally, it happened this way. (Win the asthma catch) we know that the situation is that way. We are not new in the league. And we know it will happen this way. (Play hard if the game does not exist) "

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