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เพิ่งได้ตัว อลีสซง เบ็คเกอร์ จอมหนึบแซม


maxbet The quality of the city of Macaroni reported that Juventus prepared to pay 80 million euros to buy a midfielder Paul Barba back from Manchester United next month, 25-year-old star moved from the "Red Devils" Since 2012, the "zebra" is not worth it until in 2016, it moved back to the Dream Theater with a fee of 105 million euros. Despite success in the first year, the European Championship. The league and the League Cup, but there was a moment when the pitches were attacking the form on the pitch, and the news has been conflicted with boss Jose Mourinho, the latest Tux has stated that Juventus is preparing a gift box 2019 with a purchase. The French midfielder returns to the squad again in January to reach United. If you want to sell the club, but the relationship between him and Mourinho, the club may have to sell at a lower price. "Biancenes" is considering the acquisition of Spain's Isco Playmaker, the Spanish national team of Real Madrid, which was backed up by the team of Santiago's current team Santiago.

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