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Run Regular Zakum under EXP

If you're burning your personality, they need to reach 30 (or maybe greater) rather easily from Maplestory 2 Mesos  occupation quests independently. If you aren't burning, or you're playing an explorer (or some thing like this?) , just hang Golems for any bit! Coconut Slimes are fantastic. If the map isn't to your liking, then literally whatever in Gold Beach is nice. Purple Clam Slimes, coconut Slimes, Tube Slimes. Just choose.

Copper Drakes are a few of the fastest grindings ever this map is fairly populated when classes that are newer release or there is burning. Walk one right to Damp Swamp to have an good map if the map is simply too active. Go to shield me against Mummydogs and Skeletons! (This map has a propensity to crash if the Elite Boss comes, though. So be cautioned.)

Although this map will get tiring, Fangs are superb. (Personally, I spend 75-90 in Home Security System Research Center 3 in Edelstein because I attempt to have that One elite for Monster Collection.) This is just another map that is employed and apparent! Scorps and sand Rats are great, the map is level. Easy. Roids create the replacement if Sahel II is packed, although that map frees me because the products fall on top of platforms awkwardly, creating that you don't enjoy Roids, Desert of Tranquility may do the job also!

Run Regular Zakum under EXP, in the rune or Maybe a coupon. If you can't get rid of the body get rid of the arms and leave! This is where the experience all is. You are able to do this for a lot of amounts that are free every day. In case you have run Zakum on that day, grind Robos within the Apparatus Room! This room is barely burningoff, so if you need a burning map, then try Cheap MS2 Mesos  out another Robo rooms on the ground.Beginning in 100, if you're centered on grinding this particular character, you ought to be running Monster Park two times daily for several free EXP. You are able to typically do levels which are levels facing you, dependent on your course.

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